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ITSM-NG post installation

In this documentation, you will find all the best practices to have with the ITSM-NG application.


Once installation is done, the install directory can be removed or protected by an .htaccess file.

You will also find an .htaccess file in config, files and in the root directory of the application.

To activate the .htaccess usage, adding these lines to your Apache configuration file :

<Directory "/var/www/html/itsm-ng">
    AllowOverride All

Save and restart Apache.

Automatic actions

When an automatic action is configured, there are two Run mode options :

  • ITSM-NG (internal mode) : the scheduler activates when a user browses in ITSM-NG.
  • CLI (external mode) : the scheduler activates when the operating system’s scheduler calls front/cron.php.

If you are using CLI mode, you need to set up a cronjob that frequently runs front/cron.php.

Command line options

ITSM-NG offers several possible command line actions.

These commands can be used with php bin/console directly in the ITSM-NG application folder.

Below you will find the list of actions as well as their description.

Action Description
itsmng:build:compile_scss Compile SCSS files
itsmng:config:set Define application configuration value
itsmng:database:check Check for schema differences between the current database and the installation file
itsmng:database:configure Define database configuration value
itsmng:database:install Install database schema
itsmng:database:update Update database schema to new version
itsmng:ldap:synchronize_users Synchronize users with LDAP server information
itsmng:maintenance:disable Disable maintenance mode
itsmng:maintenance:enable Enable maintenance mode
itsmng:migration:appliances_plugin_to_core Migrate Appliances plugin data to ITSM-NG main tables
itsmng:migration:domains_plugin_to_core Migrate Domains plugin data to ITSM-NG main tables
itsmng:migration:myisam_to_innodb Migrate MyISAM tables to InnoDB
itsmng:migration:racks_plugin_to_core Migrate Racks plugin data to ITSM-NG main tables
itsmng:migration:timestamps Convert datetime fields to timestamp for using timezone
itsmng:migration:unsigned_keys Migrate primary/foreign keys to unsigned integers
itsmng:oidc:update Each ITSM-NG user using openID connect must log in again to update their personal information
itsmng:plugin:activate Activate plugin(s)
itsmng:plugin:deactivate Deactivate plugin(s)
itsmng:plugin:install Run plugin(s) installation script
itsmng:rules:process_software_category_rules Processing software category rules
itsmng:rules:replay_dictionnary_rules Replay dictionary rules on existing elements
itsmng:security:change_key Change the password storage key and update the values in the database
itsmng:system:check_requirements Check system requirements
itsmng:system:clear_cache Clear application cache
itsmng:system:status Check system status
itsmng:task:unlock Unlock all automatic tasks